Thursday, 24 March 2011

Runway Gaga


These photos were taken earlier this year, at the Thierry Mugler Paris show. Lady Gaga made her debut as a runway model, and was amazing of course. How she manages to walk in those platforms I will never know. She has great talent and is incredible at everything she does, especially in the realm of fashion with her fabulous and mostly always outrages outfits. xxxx


  1. Lady Gaga is crrrazy but I love how she has a sense of originality that no one else really has!x

  2. That's so true:) I wonder where she gets all the inspiration from, she is probably one of the most original artists out there today.x

  3. thank you so much for following <3

    i saw this show live and it was sooo awesome!!
    love the pics and of course i follow back ;) <3

  4. love Gaga so much, always outrageous and daring. Such an icon